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  • Greeting card designs, creativity that is still in force- Celebrating a special occasion has many ways and in them visual creativity isconstantly involved to develop commemorative pieces that remind of the date. One of these creative ways is in the elaboration of greeting cards , which places the design trends and the imagination of illustrators in those brief printed spaces. Although the tendency to acquire this type of products could have decreased with the boom of communication through […]
  • HOW TO FIND OR CREATE THE BEST GREETING CARD FOR THE NEW YEAR- When we only have one day left in 2019, it becomes more necessary than ever to express our best wishes to friends and family. Until a few years ago we were in our mailbox with greeting cards with handwritten text wishing us the best for the new year or for all Christmas . As you know, everything has changed […]
  • How to start a greeting card business from home- Greeting cards are a big business. People need them for countless times. Not only send them to greet for birthdays, deaths, graduations and anniversaries, but also to create encouragement to your loved one’s day. Many people would never think of delivering a gift without a greeting card attached to it. If you have a unique idea for a line […]
  • 5 essential steps to make a lovely greeting card- There is nothing left for the year to end and we celebrate Christmas in a little while. This party so familiar where we enjoy ours, but at the same time, we miss the loved ones who are not close. I thought something useful had to bring you with this last post of the year. And I have decided […]