5 essential steps to make a lovely greeting card

There is nothing left for the year to end and we celebrate Christmas in a little while. This party so familiar where we enjoy ours, but at the same time, we miss the loved ones who are not close. I thought something useful had to bring you with this last post of the year. And I have decided to give you a gift. Because you’re worth it, for reading me and for always being there. I want to give you these Christmas greeting cards so you can make a Christmas greeting without having to try too hard to find a Christmas card online.

But first, I want to tell you which are the indispensable phases that you must take into account to make a greeting card.

What aspects to keep in mind before making a greeting card

Go for it. There is nothing more beautiful than receiving a greeting card for the holidays. I remember when we were small we collected and exhibited a lot of cards that were given to us by family and friends. Reaching hundreds of them every year. It was one of my favorite hobbies. Each time my father came home he brought us new cards. Before, everyone was congratulating themselves with offline cards.

Well that has changed and I remember how on these dates, 5 years ago, I stopped to analyze my mailbox. I was surprised with the result. I counted more than 50 mails of congratulations for my birthday and for Christmas, all online of course. And the vast majority were brands and online tools that I use.

That’s why today I bring you a gift that continues with that trend. I have prepared some greeting cards for your friends, family or clients, so you can save to your computer, add your logo and send to whomever you want. They are FREE and are for you. They are designed and adapted so you can share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

To be able to use them and download them, you just have to subscribe.

5 steps to follow to make a greeting card and congratulate your followers on social networks.

  1. Determine the message. When you make a greeting card, you must choose carefully what message you want to place on it. And that’s going to define who the greeting card is addressed to. It is not the same to make a Christmas greeting card for a client than a thank-you card for a friend. On a corporate greeting card the message should be more neutral, unless you have something specific to congratulate and that you can cause a stronger emotion. If the greeting card is for friends, the message will be more emotional surely and the tone will vary.
  2. Decide what colors the design will have. In this case and with these examples, I have made some designs of Christmas greeting cards, where custom usually use Christmas corporate colors, such as green and red. However, every time there are cards that come out of that range, such as gold, silver, white and other colors. It is feasible that you use the corporate colors of your company perfectly even if they are not these tones.
  3. Play with typography . This is where you can expand and let your imagination fly. A greeting card is not a collateral element as serious or formal as it is usually a folder, a business card, or a notebook. For a Christmas greeting card, you can choose fancy fonts, without problems or handwritten fonts that give that feeling of being written by oneself. As you can see in the examples I have used different fonts depending on the design of the card, and the images and colors that accompany it. You do not always have to write a word of the same size as the other. As you can see in some examples, some are larger by the way to highlight part of the message.
  4. Highlights an element . When you make a design it is advisable to use the technique of less is more. You do not always have to make a complicated design. You can focus on a single element and that is the reason for your design. This is how you stand out and get more prominence. You can choose an element and repeat it. You can choose an element and make it big, or you can choose an element and combine it with a textured background.
  5. Benefit from free online design programs to make your designs or use these cards that are made with love for you and add your logo.

I made these cards so you can download them and use them in your Christmas greeting in your social network profiles. Choose the one you like, download it, put your logo and go. They are free.



ArtStudio : is a new tool that allows you to personalize the card by adding your logo or creating a new design. It has pre-designed templates, and also the option to start a new design. It’s free and to upload your logo to the card you will not take anything, it’s easy.

One of the advantages of this tool is that it is well focused on the production of images for social networks and facilitates your work, saving you time and effort. Brings the sizes of images made by each social network. This is great for when you have to create visual content for your accounts on social networks.

PicMonkey has a free version and a payment option. If you become an annual member you pay only $ 33 per year and you can use all the options. The good thing about PicMonkey, among other things, is that it allows you to use all the fonts you have on your computer and that makes your designs much easier. And you can make retouching in photos to eliminate wrinkles, blemishes, whiten teeth, paint lips, etc. Recently it has incorporated a new functionality to make effects to the typographies. They are great! In other words, if you evaluate the option of using the typographies of your computer and have an effect, you get professional results. And they are very easy to use.

Canva It is a spectacular tool, it is also free and now it has incorporated the Canva for work option that is paid monthly or annually. It is one of the most advanced tools and that offers a great variety of design options. It allows you to choose from hundreds of templates ordered by themes, with designs predefined by designers for your use and or modification. The customization options are very broad. You can choose photos by themes, some photos are free and others for payment. If you use a payment you pay $ 1 for each one. The good thing is that besides having a powerful image search engine, you can work as a team with your colleagues and review the design, sending them the link before you download it. Canva is one of the best online design tools for professionals who need to pull interesting designs and get you out of trouble.

That is all. To download Christmas cards and use them in your social network profiles, for free, follow the following steps:

  1. Subscribe
  2. Enter the link that will come to you so you can choose the one you like and download it.
  3. Personalize the card by placing your logo in the free spaces that I have left in each one.
  4. Share it on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

You dare? Are you going to start preparing your own greeting cards from now on?