6 applications and websites to create Christmas greetings

Some people enjoy maintaining the habit of sending cards to congratulate Christmas, although they are adapted to the new times: in electronic format , designed with a web application or mobile app or through the use of Facebook or Instagram photos. For all of them, this article reviews the best web utilities and applications to create Christmas greetings.

Web pages to create holiday greetings

Send greeting cards is one of the traditions of these days, but also another one that has been renewed with new technologies . Taking into account that every time there are more mobile addicts and WhatsApp is still the most used app in the country, it is not surprising that in many occasions the traditional congratulations have been replaced by messages on the phone.

The first option to create greeting cards with the computer is to do it using a professional editor, such as GIMP or Photoshop . However, these programs require certain knowledge and skills that not everyone has.

Luckily, there are also online photo editors , free and very easy to use , and that at this time have Christmas themed material (templates, decorative graphics, text sources, etc.) with which to make the perfect Christmas card.

Image: Canva
  • Fotor

Fotor is an online image editor with three differentiated areas: Edit (to work with a photo), Collage (to create a composition of snapshots) and Design (to make different types of designs with a photo). To create a Christmas card, you have to choose the latter.

Once inside Design, you have to select the “Card” template to create a greeting card. Fotor will show your entire collection of available designs in a sidebar to the left of the editor, so choosing one of them is just a matter of clicking on it. Then, that design can be customized with your own photos and the texts you want. The finished card can be saved on the computer or shared through social networks.

  • PicMonkey

PicMonkey includes a tool dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of cards of all kinds (wedding invitations, birthday greetings, Valentine postcards …), which can be accessed from the main screen by clicking on the corresponding icon, it is Say, “Holiday Cards” .

Within this section, dozens of ready-to-use design templates will be displayed in the editor’s sidebar and a central part of the screen where you can customize the card to suit the user, adding photos, texts or decorative elements. The result, as in the previous case, can be saved on the computer (to be sent by email later) or shared directly on social networks.

  • Canva

Canva also has a special section for making cards, within the “Design” area . When you click on it, an online editor opens with a selection of design templates on the left and a main area where you can work on the card.

All the material is fully customizable to the user’s liking. You can modify the messages and the font with which they are written, add graphics to decorate the design … Once finished, the postcard can be downloaded to the computer or shared on social networks.

Apps to create Christmas greetings

In addition to online tools, another good alternative to make Christmas greeting cards are mobile applications . With them it is possible to create personalized congratulations in digital format to send via email or, sometimes, by paying a small fee, send by traditional mail as a printed card .

Image: Ink Cards
  • Red Stamp It allows you to make congratulations in a very simple way and has a wide variety of customizable templates. You can change colors, add your own photos and insert personal messages. For more convenience, the app also includes congratulations already designedand ready to use. Congratulations can be sent in digital format (via email) or converted into an authentic card sent by mail.
  • Touchnote. This application creates greeting cards for Christmas (and also for any other occasion) using the images of the mobile as a main element . Includes filters with which to give a special touch to the photo you choose, as well as customizable messages. Once finished, the company is responsible for printing and sending them by mail. It is available for iPhone and for Android smartphones . It can also be used on your website .
  • Ink Cards. It allows to make printed congratulations of great quality, both for Christmas and for other occasions. This app includes a wide selection of designs and templates that can be used as a starting point, but can then be easily customized with your own colors, images and texts. The cards are sent by mail to everyone.