Apps to create your own holiday greetings

Christmas is an inescapable tradition of Christmas. Some of them come with messages already written while others will have to put something nice in your hand on the blank card. Some are very crafty with the computer and in a few minutes are taken from the hat, or Photoshop, an original postcard that many will want to exhibit. If you are not from this group but you want to send something original we will show you which are the best apps to create your Christmas greetings .

Beautiful Cards
This application to generate your own cards will serve you for any event or time of the year. Depending on the reason, the software will enable your galleries to choose the one you like the most. Apart from offering you the possibility of sharing your creation through social networks, you can also enter important dates to remind you when it is time to choose a new card. So you will not miss any important date outside the Christmas period.

Greetings has a simple interface to make your own Christmas cards from scratch. You will start with a blank template to which you can place different objects to choose from. You can add a default template in the same way that Word does with the documents you type and add the add-ins later. You can also place the text and photographs of your gallery if you prefer in the spaces indicated.


Red stamp
On your smartphone you can not only make a Christmas postcard through an app, but you can also send it by mail. The case of Red Stamp is similar to the previous ones because it has tools to customize your chritsmas as you see fit. You can also send them via social networks or email once you have finished them, but you have an option that, for a small fee, send your creation to whomever you want in physical format. A detail for those who do not want to send congratulations on WhatsApp or like the retro.

JustWink works like a Christmas card shop . Although the application is free in the Play Store, you will have to pay for each package of congratulations that will be used for a specific celebration. These packs include customizable templates on the inside to add text and images as in the previous cases. It also includes a feature to share on your Facebook wall if you do not like the congratulations they offer or send them by ordinary mail in physical format.