Christmas: 5 tips to use your card in your Christmas shopping

9 days after Christmas , thousands of companies already deposited the gratification to Peruvian workers. Many of them are already planning what purchases to make to satisfy their relatives with gifts under the Christmas tree, therefore they resort to making payments in cash and also use credit cards. In that sense, Dr. Ana Vera Talledo, CEO of the Kobsa Group gives us five tips to correctly use the credit card during these Christmas dates.

Do not use all your cards: The specialist recommends that you choose only one card to make all purchases and thus pay less interest. In addition, they should be monitored to avoid spending more than can actually be paid and avoid future over-indebtedness.

Organize your budget in advance: To make good use of your credit card you must establish a budget of what you will possibly spend. You should consider what are the fixed expenses, which yes or yes should be made and what are the extra expenses for these dates. In addition, it is recommended to make a list of what you will buy in order to control your expenses. This will prevent you from making unnecessary or unplanned purchases.

Avoid withdrawing cash: The CEO of the Kobsa Group, advises to reasonably use the bonus for this Christmas, avoiding withdrawals with the credit card, it is an option that will cost you in your pocket in the future. Why? As the provision of cash on credit cards can become one of the financing with the highest interest rate.

Be responsible: Before making your purchases, try to check all the stores that are available, compare prices and verify that they comply with the discounts they propose. Check prices to avoid misleading offers. It is recommended to pay in cash to avoid future problems. Take care of your “grati”.

Check the amount of installments: If you make a purchase and plan to pay it by means of installments, set the number of installments (it is recommended to do it in maximum 6 installments because the interest paid is longer) and agree on a date with the bank. But it is important that you divide the payments only when the sum to be paid is large. Keep in mind that most cards have a very high interest rate compared to other types of financing.