Christmas postcards with your photos, tricks and tips to prepare them

The approaching Christmas . Soon we will be bombarded with street lights, television ads and extreme marketing driving us to consumerism. But those of us who are fond of photography have an advantage, to be able to use our photos.

One of the first things we can do with them is a Christmas greeting . What better than a Christmas postcard made by ourselves to congratulate our closest environment or our coworkers? Of course it will be much better than buying a typical postcard at the stationery store or a mall.

We are going to see some ideas and tips so that we can do our best :

The reason for the photo
Do not think that because it is a Christmas greeting we have to choose a photo with Christmas motifs. We can choose any reason that we like, or that you think represents you. Who says that a Christmas greeting cannot be a portrait of you and your partner , for example?

If you still want the photo to have the typical Christmas atmosphere we can throw the camera over our shoulders and look for a new photo in our cities. There are many Christmas reasons: a Christmas tree, a nativity scene, Christmas lights, Santa Claus, the wise men, snow, cold , etc.

We must not discard the shopping centers, which are usually adorned by not being able to Christmas motives. A well decorated showcase, ornaments, wrapped gifts , etc …

Still, any reason is good, as long as it fits a little with Christmas.

Customize the photo
When we have the photo decided it is not a matter of sending it as is, to see if it will seem that what we want is to show our photo instead of congratulating Christmas. To solve this, it is best to customize the photo .

The first thing we can do is put a frame , which always gives presence and a touch more similar to commercial postcards.

And of course add a text . And here we have two options:

If you want to work it out, we can leave the photo clean and personalize the congratulations by hand from the back. It will give a personal touch and the person who receives it will be delighted that it is written only for him or her.

The other option, if you are short on time, is to make a standard and common congratulation for everyone. For this it is best to enter the text digitally on the photo and send them all the same.

Nor do we need to be tacky, the text must be contained, nor are we going to hide the whole photo with the text. Find the place where it is least in the picture and place it there. And don’t forget to sign it! If it is with a digitized signature, better than better.

Digital or physical
Finally there is only one decision. Digital Christmas postcard or physical Christmas postcard .

The benefits of the digital postcard are obvious, the cost will be zero . We can send all we want without spending a hard, we will only spend the time it takes to do it.

But it also has its drawbacks. We cannot write and customize it, unless we do it digitally with a graphics tablet, which would take time.

If we choose the digital option it may be a good idea to convert the photo to a format that can be opened in full screen . I would recommend the PDF, for example. Finally, look at the size of the file! Try that the final file does not exceed 1 Mb or have an excessive resolution. With 1000 pixels wide it will be more than enough.

If we choose the physical postcard we will have to print our photos and one of two, or we do it at home, if we have a good printer or we take them out in a photographic laboratory, which will always be a guarantee of good quality, unless you know a good place to do what.

In addition, it must be sent by postal mail, in a sealed envelope and all those things that you no longer remember (geeks, more than geeks), but the physical postcard is always more personal and more endearing than the digital one and besides being able to write them by hand (or not) be sure that only by the effort will the people you send them look at the houses.

Do you dare to try?