Greeting Cards: the best way to say hello

There is nothing better than receiving by mail a beautiful handwritten card. So, whether you want to share or sell your work, make an announcement or just say thanks, you’ve come to the right place.

If you look like us, surely in recent years you have incorporated more and more emoticons to your daily messages. And although we love them (they are already part of the global vocabulary), there’s nothing like the pleasure of sending and receiving a card like in the old days.

These 3 artists send their love all over the world with Greeting Cards . From dazzling mixed-media works of art to curious illustrations with message meanings, surely these cards will make you smile.

Lynn Norton Art

Lynn Norton is a mixed media artist based in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. He has been painting seasonally throughout his life but he only decided to dedicate himself to it when his children grew up. Lynn studied art in high school and now spends her time managing the local art group and exhibiting and selling her works at events in her city. Lynn’s precious works are inspired by nature; He has lived most of his life in the country and loves to walk. In addition, he is always aware of possible interesting topics that may be well portrayed through his imprecise technique and his vibrant acrylic inks.

When Lynn began to exhibit her works, she created Greeting Cards along with her Business Cards: “the obverse of my Greeting Cards shows one of my paintings and on the back I include my name and my web page, so that the attendees can wear in contact later. I leave the interior empty to be able to use them on different occasions. When I visit other artists, I always buy greeting cards with their work and although I love to give them a traditional use, I also keep a few, they are tremendously inspiring. ”

“My Greeting Cards are printed on thick, high quality paper. On the outside they have a satin finish that makes the colors of my works really stand out. Greeting Cards are great for artists and photographers and the possibility of including different designs in a single package is phenomenal. Regardless of the number of cards you are going to order, you can always display a variety of different works. And the reproduction of my images is excellent so I am guaranteed to be selling a product of the highest quality. Also, if they end up in the middle of an exhibition, it is very easy to make an urgent order and have the shelves full again for the next weekend. ”

Exhibit your work in Greeting Cards

Gemma Hampton

Illustrator Gemma Hampton lives in Bristol, United Kingdom, and designs Greeting Cards and pictures from the studio she has in her own home. Gemma has always been passionate about painting and drawing; a self-taught artist who had his beginnings creating cards for his family and friends. To the joy of Gemma, they had a fantastic reception, which encouraged him to start his business and share his creations with everyone.

With her cards, Gemma aims to bring happiness to the lives of others through the power of nature: “For me it is very important to spend time outdoors, cultivating and taking care of my garden and these activities have a great influence on my work. . I observe the world and I am inspired by its simplicity and serenity. “The latest series of Gemma cards present their botanical illustrations combined with a simple message. “I created the original illustrations and the text in watercolors and ink and then experimented with the arrangement of the elements digitally. The goal was to create minimalist cards so that people can share and enjoy them on different occasions. ”

Gemma prints her precious designs on Greeting Cards: “the paper has a nice satin finish on the outside and no coatings on the inside to be able to write by hand without the ink being embrazone. The cards are of excellent quality, created with a thick paper obtained from sustainable sources. The print is vibrant and reproduces my illustrations perfectly. My new series has received fantastic reactions on social networks and among my distributors and I have also added them to my Etsy store . ”

Bring your designs to life: print on Greeting Cards

Better Half Full

Better Half Full is a Greeting Card company founded by Niobe, day teacher and night drawer. Niobe combines her business with her work during office hours and appreciates summer water as May water to spend time designing her products. Better Half Full “focuses on spreading happiness among our loved ones in a tangible way (on a shelf or stuck to the fridge) instead of through a notification that disappears.”

When we asked Niobe what he was inspired to create his cards, he told us: “my cards cover all the most important events but I also create cards dedicated to those depressing Monday when we need something that encourages us. I try to be creative … I’ve got bored of always seeing the same designs in stores, with the same messages. So I have tried to make my designs different and varied, with original messages. My goal is to make the recipients feel that the sender has taken the trouble to choose the perfect card for them. ”

When he designs his cards, Niobe begins by scribbling by hand or on the iPad with a stylus. He then works on his designs in Photoshop before sending them to print. “I love uncovering my MOO orders and seeing physical cards for the first time. The quality of the paper is fantastic, the satin finish on the outside gives the cards a flawless feel and the A6 size is perfect, with plenty of room on the inside to write. I also use MiniCards that have double function: as Business Cards and as small cute tags! I have received really positive responses to my designs and the quality of my cards in my Etsy and MicroMkt stores . “