How to create holiday greetings to send by mail

One more year they approach what for many are the best holidays of the year, Christmas , as it is usually a time for meetings, family and friends, etc. Therefore, since the middle of December, it is usual to start receiving and sending the typical Christmas greetings . Gone are the postcards or Christmas that were sent by mail and is that today, new technologies have changed the way to send the typical Christmas greetings. Next, we will show how to create Christmas greetings to send by mail or by WhatsApp .

On the Internet we can find all kinds of information, but in addition, there are sites where we can download images with Christmas greetings or even that offer certain tools for us to make them completely personalized.

Web to create Christmas greetings to send by mail or WhatsApp
It is a website that offers us the possibility of creating a personalized Christmas greeting in a totally free manner. Of course, first of all we have to register on the site. Once this is done, at the moment we are ready to create a Christmas greeting at amazing Christmas , we must indicate the name of the person we want to congratulate, their age and choose if the Christmas greeting we want to be a letter, a message , a congratulation in the form of an image or even a video.

Christmas greetings

After creating the congratulation, it is possible to see a preview and if we like the result, we can download it to be able to send it by mail or by WhatsApp.

Another website to create your own Christmas greetings is Galleryplay , a website from which we can easily create a Christmas greeting with animated images without having to install any software on our PC, directly from the computer. To do this, all we have to do is go to the galleryplay site, click on the Get Started button, choose the animated image that we like and write the text we want to add to the greeting card.

Christmas greetings

Once all this is done, we will have the option to send our Christmas congratulations either through email or get a link to share it by Whatsapp, mail or the application that we want.

If what we are looking for is to create a video to share as a Christmas greeting, then the ideal place is Elfyourself . In this site we will be able to give life to friendly elves with the faces of our friends or family. For this, we have to upload a photo of the face of each of the protagonists that will give life to these elves and then we will see how we can create a nice video with these elves and our faces that we can share later by email, WhatsApp or through of social networks.

Christmas greetings

If we want to create faster and simpler Christmas cards, then we can use some sites that offer a large catalog of images that we simply have to download and send by mail or WhatsApp.

Some of the most popular websites in this sense are 365imagenesbonitas , a site in which within the Christmas images section, we can find a lot of Christmas greetings that we only have to download and we will have them ready to share by WhatsApp or send by email.

Another site is Haciendofotos , a website where we can find a multitude of images with Christmas greetings, images with phrases wishing the best for these holidays, animated images or even images to color.

Apps to send Christmas greetings from your mobile by WhatsApp or mail
Although many may take advantage of some of the Christmas greetings received in the mobile to send it to other people, many others prefer to create their own congratulations. In addition to the sites mentioned above, to which we can go both from the PC and mobile, we can also find some apps for iOS and Android devices from which we can create fun Christmas greetings to share by WhatsApp or by mail directly from your mobile .

Christmas greetings

One of the apps we find available for both iOS and Android is SMS Christmas 2019, an application from which we can create an original and fun message to send to our loved ones or friends. But there are also other apps that we can find in the official stores of both platforms that are very well valued by the users themselves and with which we can create Christmas greetings of all kinds, messages, Christmas gifs, memes, videos with Christmas greetings, SMS , Christmas carols, etc. Some of the most popular are phrases Christmas , Cards and Christmas messages , Christmas photo frames or Xmas Marcos ,Images and Christmas carols or Christmas carols .