Make greeting cards on Mac with iPhoto card generator


iPhoto is part of the iLife suite of applications in addition to iMovie, iDVD, iWeb and so on. They can organize your photos by faces, places and events. It could also be used to edit your digital photos with ease. The best ideas are that you can do more with your photos, for example, Photo book, greeting cards, Photo calendar and portfolio. Today, you will learn how to use this Mac software for greeting card to make greeting cards.

Part 1: How to make iPhoto greeting cards
Part 2: More Greeting card software for Mac

Part 1: How to make iPhoto greeting cards
iPhoto is not the best greeting card software on Mac, but it is easy to use, and you can not ignore elegant typography cards, personalized with your photos and text. Are you ready to impress? We see below how to make iPhoto cards.

Step 1. Create greeting card and choose theme
To make greeting cards in iPhoto, the first step is to click on the “+” symbol in the source list and select the card from the list. Then click on the top button of the list of topics and select the greeting card in the resulting menu. Select a theme for greeting cards and click on the select button .

To buy Apple greeting cards, you can click on the ” Options + prices ” button will open the iPhoto product page, which will serve to show the information card information and prices.

Step 2. Add photos and text
In the windows of the card, you will see the selected theme, as well as the selected photos at the top. Simply drag and drop the photos to your greeting card. You could also add source list photo.

The inside your greeting cards on the page allows you to enter text. Click on the text box and write your own message on the card.

Step 3. Greeting card settings
There are many options to activate your greetings card to be personalized, including card background, card design and card orientation. Click on the bottom button at the bottom to change the background of the card. By default, your greeting cards have a horizontal orientation, also with the background change, click orientation to switch to portrait orientation.

Most theme greeting cards provide different front and back designs. To see front and back options, select the front or back of your card and click on the button design to configure your designs.

Step 4. Print or buy the greeting card
Once your greeting cards are ready, you can print it with your connected printer and deliver it by mail. If you prefer by email the greeting card, you can export it as a PDF file and send it as an email attachment. To make awesome greeting cards, better buy Apple greeting cards. This way, you have your greeting cards in 2-3 weeks. You can visit the Apple Page to get more information about iPhoto greeting card, what about iPhoto card making or delivery.

Part 2: More Greeting Card Software for Mac
Although iPhoto can easily create a card, templates are quite limited. Here list of other software that makes greeting card to take preference and style. No matter the occasion, these programs can also provide a creative solution.